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Robin Hood (Audio CD)

How does a good man fight for justice when the laws themselves are unjust?

Where are the lines between a righteous cause and revenge?

Scholars trace the earliest stories of Robin Hood back to 13th century England. The child of a reputable family, a faithful son of the Church, and truly devoted to Our Lady, Robert of Locksley had no intention of becoming an outlaw. But the relentless cruelty and tyranny by the elite nobility of England, including Church leaders, demanded that someone rise up to give answer and help those in need. And so Robert of Locksley became Robin Hood — a man thrown into a fierce struggle to balance his deep faith with a call to action in a violent age.

Featuring over 60 actors, cinematic sound and original music, The Legends of Robin Hood is an exciting 12-part audio drama from the award-winning Augustine Institute. Bold and inspiring, theses audio dramas take storytelling to a whole new level of sound that quickens the imagination and inspires the heart that are great for the whole family!

This 6-CD set includes a discussion guide that will help you discuss major concepts and themes from this unforgettable audio drama.


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